Matrix S Series Grow LED
Ledzeal LED Plant Grow light is well-designed for houseplant cultivation, with artistic and elegant full aluminum casing, assured perfect heat dissipation, resulting maximum lifespan. It's an efficient and gorgeous supplementary lighting model which you definitely CAN NOT miss.



                                                                                     LedzealTM Matrix S Series

                                       Smart LED Grow Lighting System  



Why should we choose the latest Matrix S series?



 New Malibu-S series are carefully designed with all brusted aluminum  set making it so unique in the market, 

As well as much lighter ,no rust or corrosion and fine heat dissipation.               






 Matrix S600 and S900 power raise up as much as 600W to 900W ,(Actual running 550W max)  bring your plants wider 

illumination area, higher penetration and PAR Value,  able to replace 800~1200W HPS grow light.    





Full spectrum from 410nm to 730nm and 6000K,12000K white are used in Matrix-S series models to

bring the most needed Spectrum for plants growing.            




 It comes with the one of the most advanced controlling system bringing strong programmability, 

4 led channels, 6 modes,8 time points set , your are the master of your light ! 




The multi bands are distributed in 4 channels of red, deep red,  blue,white&UV blended etc , modularized

design that can be fully dimmed and programmed by our remote and controller. 





  UL, FCC,CE approved MeanWell driver is able to ensure the stable and long time operation of light. 





There will be three versions for new Matrix S model with 4 switches,    remote to dim and wire/wireless

controller for your different needs,or budget, there is one for you anyway.                    




 The intelligent temperature-controlled speed adjustable fans lead to effective thermal solution, 

also extend its lifespan while keeping stable and low noise running.


Matrix S series model details








1.Signal in/out aviation connector.

2.Power input.              

3.Cooper nut.  

4.Smart speed fans.                          

5.Integrated aluminum profile heatsink.  

6.Oxidized&Brushed aluminum back cover.

7.Oxidized&Brushed aluminum side board.



Model Structure






Spectrum and 4 channels distribution 







PAR Reading 


   Matrix S600 



  Matrix S900 


  Matrix S1200 



 Smart Controller GrowZealer





  Dual Control


        Smart Controller and iOS (iPhone. iPhone)& Android app Wifi control.


 Sync & Real time Display


           Snyc light change to controller while operating on your  phone

        Light status real time shown on controller without checking the phone


 Multi Modes


        Manual mode, My program (including pre-set and  DIY program), Flash Mode etc


Daisy-Chain System


            One AquaZealer controlling as much as 250 units daisy-chained synchronously


iOS & Android app available


              Search “GrowZealer” in app store or google play.



Multi units Connection with one smart controller







 Simple daisy-chain system set-up 



One controller for maxium 250 units



Syncronously control without any delay




Product Show















 CE Certification













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