New Malibu S LED Aquarium Light
The new App WiFi control Malibu S LED Aquarium Light is now available. ----Slim&Sleek module designed exclusively with All Aluminum and brushed processed ----MeanWell driver external to keep safe using and easy to replace ----New APP of controlling system compatible with Android Devices, real WIFI control ----Daisy -chain system available, one phone or tablet can program multi lights at same time




                  Malibu S Series LED Aquarium System






 Full aluminium built, slim profile with elegant design and  anti-corrosion.

Customizable 380-780nm full spectrum and 4 channels independently control for max coral reef growing

  Latest Wifi smart Controller AquaZealer applying iOS& Android deivice app control 

 Supporting daisy-chain system as much as  255 units synchronously control 

 Self-Adjust 4-scale quiet fans  for energy conservation and noise reduction.

Second optical lenses optimizing the light penetration in higher efficiency . (60°/90°/ 120° optional)

Plug-and-play design, modularized LED cluster, lens and driver assemblies, easy replace and maintenance.    

Brand name   MeanWell driver with built-in fans ensures sustaining stable, safe operation..



The Brand-new design of Malibu S series







                                  The power supply has been upgraded to MeanWell IP67/IP65 waterproof model.

                                                                 (Available for Malibu S200,S300,S400)




The spectrum and led layout in 4 channels 


In each cluster (24pcs*3W) of Malibu S150 ,S200 and S300 ,S400


Channel 1 : 6 pcs 470nm Blue 3 watt high power led

Channel 2 : 6 pcs 12000K cool white 3 watt high power led

Channel 3 : 4 pcs 470nm Blue +2pcs 410nm violet 3 watt high power led

Channel 4 : 4 pcs 450nm Royal Blue+1 pcs 510nm Green+1pcs 630nm Red 3 watt high power led





Fully modularization design , each cluster can work indepentally and able to be replaced

(Planted tank LED configuration is also available )


PAR Reading Test


Detailed PAR reading test data for marine tankand for fresh water tank.



                                 Brand New Wifi Controller AquaZealer 








 Dual Control


        Smart Controller and iOS (iPhone. iPhone)& Android app Wifi control.


 Sync & Real time Display

           Snyc light change to controller while operating on your  phone

        Light status real time shown on controller without checking the phone


 Multi Modes


        Manual mode, My program (including pre-set and  DIY program), Flash Mode etc


Daisy-Chain System

            One AquaZealer controlling as much as 250 units daisy-chained synchronously




 Daisy-Chain controlling System



1) Stainless adjustable hanging kit 

2) Extractable Stainless Bracket (can extend to maximum 15cm each side)

3) Acrylic Bracket (for unit that is same long as tank )





 Full model size covered:


Full length models  from 24~150 cm (10inch ~60inch) long with power output 60W~350W


Model NO.          LED Quantity           Power Output                          Dimension 



S80                    24pcs 3watt LED              60W~70W                 240(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm     (9 1/2"*7.8"*1.9")     


S120                  40pcs 3watt LED            100W~110W               400(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm     (15.7"*7.8"*1.9")


S150                 48pcs 3watt LED             130W~140W               600(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm     (23.6"*7.8"*1.9")


S200                 72pcs 3watt LED             180W~200W               900(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm      (35.4"*7.8"*1.9")


S300                96pcs 3watt LED              260W~280W               1200(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm    (47.2"*7.8"*1.9")


S400               120pcs 3watt LED             320W~340W               1500(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm    (59"*7.8"*1.9")







Aquarium tanks show


Coral reef saltwater tank 





Planted fresh water tank 



For more tanks show pictures 








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